Tuesday, September 30, 2008

yes that is my dress.

this is lesly arfin and she is wearing my formal dress.
well not mine. but her own copy of it.
i bought my dress on the u.s ebay just so i could say i got my dress
on ebay.
this was just about a year ago so it was a surprise to see it on the selby.
i always read her article in russh and i've read her book but my
real question is if its met with chloe? hmmm.

pic from the selby.



claire said...

Wow, that is one statement dress!

young-shields x

Nature Grafitti said...

woah, GORGEOUS dress
post some photos of yours!!

a. said...

lovely dress.

& ohmygoodness - lucky lucky you!

i wish i could tag along...

two times in one year is not enough for me ;]

have loads of fun. tell alison i say hi. hehe.


Mila said...

Wow, this looks pretty amazing! <33