Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i got it.

very pleasantly surprised when the local book shop actually had
the olsen's new book, thinking i'd have to order (& wait) it instead.
i've the past week reading, looking & flicking through it quite a few times now.
these are a few of my favorite pages. (i got the mary-kate cover).



agnes said...

you are a real lucky soul! i don't seem to find it here yet. aww,,the content sounds really promising.

Newborn Hippy. said...

Im getting mine 2moro!
im so exited!

M said...

oh my, so they have them in australia?
i must find a copy, pronto!
ps. you read all my favourite aus mags and i adore the simplicity or your blog <3

hrose said...

i ordered mine a while ago now, so it should be here any day!
so jealous that you have it now, it looks so fabulous.
i want it! ah!!!!

Kate said...

I would like to read that book when i have chance.

nv said...

AAAH I had to scroll down quickly to the comments page since I didn't wanna see any of it. I'm hoping to get it for christmas!

ashleigh said...

yay i got it too :) but the ashley cover :( i wanted mk.

oh well :)

i haven't had a chance to read it yet, in fact i might do that just now!

Blood Roses said...

i want!

i.d. said...

Oh awesome! I think I actually will get it now. :) Thanks for sharing!

lavelle said...

that book is awesome!! xx