Monday, October 27, 2008

cut offs are cool.

i need some cut offs real qucik. opp shops here i come.



Jess said...

I really like all the things you like! x :)

El Notable said...

I also love jeans! check out the ones I just bought, I just did a post on my blog! bye

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh my, *please can i find a pink tea cup and buy this lovely magazine from this pretty girl?* wish wish.
i hope my wish comes true.

your blog is seriously wonderful.

hrose said...

cut offs are indeed very cool.
not really my style, but i love looking at people who wear them and rock them ahaha!

agnes said...

cut off is not very my thing. but i would definitely give it a try.... it just look sooo urban chic.

hannah said...

i love cut offs. i would wear them everyday if my classrooms werent so chilly.