Wednesday, October 22, 2008

strange magic.

it's suppose to spring right now. with almost 30 degree C weather.
but no, mother nature had decided that it's been much to warm lately,
just as i was planning to go to the beach these next 2 days. so now i put
up with cold wind, rain and in some places freak snow.
so i brought back some winter favorites to stay warm.

trusty beanie.

my lace up booties.

and this is my new friend, he doesn't have a name yet, but
we seem to be attached to the hip (finger?) already.

now for some hot tea.



SICK. said...

that's what's up !


Siska said...

lovely shoes!

hrose said...

it has been so cold hasn't it!
i went out on tuesday in a skirt and tee shirt and had to go home to get a jacket... what happened to spring!??

those shoes are amazing. where are they from? i've been looking for a pair of lace up boots for ages... jealous! and your ring is so cute as well. in fact, that beanie is cool too.. grrr your winter staples are much better than my winter staples. :D


sarah said...

those boots are like amazingly awesome so jealous! x