Thursday, October 23, 2008

still ridiculously cold.

i feel a bit old whinging about the weather but is annoying the crap
out of me. stopping me from doing fun filled sunny activities.
but a good thing eventuated from this cold weather is the
picking up of the brand new frankie magazine
and tea drinking from a large pink tea cup.



hrose said...

ah frankie and tea. that is a good remedy for a cold day.

i braved the wind and rain and went shopping today, (hence the shoes), but never again. i don't know where spring went! it's crazy! i had a coat on for god's sake.

yeah i had to dig for them, but there are some real gems in target if you have a little search (and so cheap!)


hrose said...

ps. i tagged you in my most recent post!

Stompface said...

ahhhh new frankie
damn my crap newsagency to hell

Oh it looks so beauty.

I just made the mistake of looking at again. wow. that hurt.

ashleigh said...

nothing better then lazing about drinking tea and reading magazines :) very jealous!

sarah said...

im doing the exact same thing right now, how good is frankie magazine x

MR style said...

this mag looks pretty interestin !!! never heard of it before !!

lolita said...

ooh i haven't heard of this magazine..looks like its worth a look!

Sage said...

I love Frankie!! But by the time our newsagency puts it on the shelf the new issue has come out lol

rebeca's said...

your blog is so so so cute!

SICK. said...

magazines so lustrous and perfect they might as well be books
copious amounts of tea
lazing about
quite often better than a rambunctious day of running around ahopping partying dancing.

El Notable said...

What! I don;t know that magazine! where is it from?