Sunday, October 19, 2008

mini coop.

willa holland.
all grown up.
i like your hats.


pictures courtesy of tfs.


hrose said...

ah, willa holland...
suddenly resurfaced post the OC season 4 debacle as a hipster.
how she has grown up!
she is now a right little fashionista in her own right.
the hats are great, as are her denim cut offs and blazers.
*sigh* oh to be young, rich and famous.
it must be a hard lifestyle!

thanks for the comment.
do you want to link swap?

hannah said...

she is lovely. i like how her style has evolved.

but she still only is sixteen!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Willa has grown up! The styling in these pictures is extremely beautiful...
Thank you for the lovely comment dear!

Stompface said...

oh wow. she is looking so pretty.
I hear she is going to be on Gossip girl soon.

Blood Roses said...

ive just come across your blog and realised it looks like we have many of the same girl crushes! great blog :)

hrose said...

yeah the dreaded hsc.
it's almost killing me!
but i only have 4 more exams and that's it.
you've been linked, :D

February. said...

willa is such a doll.. and I love saying her name.. Willa!